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This show is on herbs and extracts that can help you sustain energy. It's also about cycling in Austin. We are joined by Hill Abell who owns the Austin Cycling landmark "Bicycle Sports Shop." Hill has been a cycling advocate for over 30 years and on the show we talk about the benefits of energy sustaining herbs and extracts as well as the joy of cycling. 


Today’s show is about sustaining energy. Whether you are an avid runner, cyclist or workaholic we all have a need to sustain energy during the day and not fall into a slump. There are many herbs and extracts that can help maintain your energy throughout the day and we will talk about some of them on this week’s show, we are also going to talk about cycling. Cycling is great because it’s something that is low impact and perfect for those with knee issues. It’s much more gentle on your joints than running or walking long distance, and as a bonus enhances mood support by getting you out in the sun a bit.


We’re fortunate enough today to have Hill Abell on the show, Hill is the owner of Bicycle Sport Shop here in Austin, TX, and has been an advocate for cycling in Texas for over 30 years. He helped found the Austin Ridge Riders, Austin’s IMBA affiliated club and has done so much work in helping develop new trails in Texas.


If you live in Austin or plan on visiting, we wanted to provide you with some of our favorite trails to go mountain biking. We also wanted to give you a list of our top 5 favorite herbs for sustaining energy.



5 Great herbs for mountain bikers and endurance athletes in general:


Tongkat Ali: Studies suggest that Tongkat ali not only supports energy and stamina, but it helps maintain healthy testosterone levels while keeping cortisol in check when your pushing your body to the limit.


Corcyceps: This revered mushroom has been celebrated in Traditional Chinese Medicine for hundreds of years for its ability to promote energy and stamina for the week.  Athletes use it to support oxygen efficiency and to help promote immune function while putting their bodies through the stress of rigorous exercise. 


Rhodiola Rosea: This Siberian power plant is favorite amongst athletes and herbalists. It's known to promote energy and stamina and to boost immune function. It helps the body maintain its resiliency when it's under stress, and even help support focus.   


KSM-66 Ashwagandha: This patented extract of Ashwagandha is a highly respected herb from Ayurveda. It has been observed in human clinical trials to boost stamina, increase muscle size and strength, and maintain energy levels for physical performance and endurance.  It was also shown to enhance the rate of muscle recovery.



5 Mountain Bike trails to checkout in Austin and the surrounding area.


http://www.austinridgeriders.com/  - A collective of trail riders that help manicure local trails and keep them safe. They are a great resource for those looking for fun group ride events. The Austin Ridge Riders are a great bunch to plug into if you are new to the sport or new to Austin.  



The Barton Creek Greenbelt: Easy/Hard/Difficult  


This is the flagship trail for mountain biking in the Austin area. This trail is not for rookies or the weak! Intermediate level and up riders will handle most of the Greenbelt, but certain sections and side trails can be treacherous. If you can handle it, it's good for hours of fun and has a lot offer. The Greenbelt has plenty of long flowing sections, lots of limestone drops, rock gardens and roots. If you're looking for them, there are plenty of big drops and ledge climbs. Then there's the MTB landmark called "The Hill of Life".  It is a category 4 climb, and when you can make it to the top without clipping out of your peddles, you are truly a hardened trail rider. This trail is considered dangerous and is inadvisable for fist-time riders. Ride at your own risk!



Walnut Creek Metropolitan: Easy/Intermediate


This is one of the more fun and flowy trails in Austin. It's relatively smooth rolling and some sections are like roller coaster ride.  It has far less limestone and roots compared to the Greenbelt. It's a trail that riders of all levels enjoy.  A seemingly easy trail, Walnut Creek has some tight windy sections that even the most technical riders will enjoy railing, but the novice and intermediate level riders can successfully navigate them as well.  This is great park for training and getting the miles in without risking your bike and body as much as you would on the Greenbelt.  There are sections of this trail for riders of all levels.  



Slaughter Creek Trail: Easy/Intermediate


Like Walnut Creek Park, Slaughter Creek Trail is a park that everyone can ride. You can crush laps and try to get the KOM on Strava, or you can chill and pick your lines.  There's a couple of gnarly rock gardens, but most riders will be able to hand this trail.  This is a great place to ride without doing a whole lot of climbing.  You also won't be doing much descending, although there are a couple of fast flowing downhill sections that you will enjoy.



Canyonlands, Mount Lakeway: Intermediate/Difficult


If you like long, tight switchback climbs and tricky descents with plenty of loose rocks and big drops, Canyonlands is a must ride trail. It's located in Lakeway, Texas which is less than a half an hour outside of Austin. For the experienced and adventurous rider it's well worth the trip. One of my favorite things about riding Mt. Lakeway is the beautiful scenery you take in on your ride.  It really helps you forget about the amount of acid in your legs as you climb!  Although the climbs are frequent, you are rewarded by fast flowing descents with super tight switchbacks.  I'd bring the full-suspension out to this trail if you have one.  This trail is considered dangerous and inadvisable for 1st time riders.



Emma Long Metropolitan Park: Difficult


A technical 6-mile loop with rocky ledges and drops mixed with fast and twisty hard pack. This is without a doubt one of the most difficult trails in Austin, and you are a master if you can make it without clipping out! This trail is lots of fun, but bring your “A” game! Your technical skills better be up to par before you try to shred this park. Be aware that motorcycle riders are out there too, so if you hear someone coming, get out of the way! This trail is considered dangerous and inadvisable for 1st time riders.

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