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On this week’s Power Plant Podcast we talk about relieving symptoms of Chronic Pain and the benefits of herbs and chiropractic care with our guest Dr. Sarah Dunagan.  


Today’s show is about Relieving Symptoms of Chronic Pain. We call it chronic pain because it’s the type of pain that persists even after an injury has healed. It’s when Pain signals continue to be active in the nervous system for weeks, months or even years. The effects of it include limited mobility, tense muscles, lack of energy and after a while, can lead to depression and anxiety.


Common types of chronic pain include:


Lower Back Pain


Nerve damage


Some of the questions on today’s show are from people who are dealing with serious pain issues and although this is a show where we talk a lot about plants, we’re excited to switch gears and have special guest Dr. Sarah Dunagan from Axis Chiropractic join the show today.

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